Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars’

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best mountain bikes under 500 dollars

Mountain Bike

We all are very busy nowadays with our personal and professional life. Sometimes our minds need some refreshments to remove all our tiredness. Are you adventurous? Do you really want to put some excitement into your monotonous life? Want to lose yourself and get intimate with nature??

There is nothing better than mountain bike raiding for you if you are enough experts in mountain cycling. Mountain biking or cycling is a game of riding special type of bicycles on craggy road, rough surface.

There can be seen many similarities between mountain bike and normal cycle from outlook but mountain bike’s features are more modified to increase durability and improving performance in rough surface. Mountain bikes can be generated into different categories such as- cross country, all mountain, trail riding, downhill, freeride and dirt jumping.

Most modern bikes have 26, 27.5 or 29 inch diameter tires which are generally 1.7-2.5 inches in width and also have flat or upward handlebar which gives the rider more comfort and control and allows to upward riding.

What features are needed for Mountain Bike?

We all are mostly use road bikes for our everyday purposes. But how many of us know that mountain bikes are better than road bikes? This answer may give less people. Mountain bikes have some extra features which make the bike more useful to the riders.

Here I am giving you some basic description of mountain bikes.  The structures of mountain bikes are different from a typical bicycle. The strongest differences are the inclusion of suspension on the frame and fork. It has a larger knobby tire and more long-lasting which is very much needed in riding. Its heaviness removes the risk of riding.

It is mainly heavy duty wheels that helps the rider to balanced with. It has powerful brakes that a rider can easily take a hard break which makes this type bikes more suitable. Its lower gears ratios needed for steep grades with poor traction.

So we can say that for having these types of special quality we cannot have in advanced version in a typical bike. So if anyone has a mountain bike than they can easily take it road adventure or mountain adventure. Two purposes are serving in one!!! Wow, that’s cool!!!

There are thousands of mountains cycles available in the market but it can be tough for a person who wants to buy a perfect cycle for the first time. Bike’s features and capacities are important facts for selecting a perfect bike. Here I am giving a comparative chart of some cycles and their features so that one need not be confused in the mountain cycle market.

Merax® Finiss 26″ Mountain Bike
Schwinn  Protocol 1.0  Mountain Bike
Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike
2016 Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Frame: Heat Treated Aluminum 6061 Mountain FrameFrame: Schwinn Aluminum Dual Suspension Frame w. Steel RearFrame: New Schwinn mountain frameFrame: NEW Aluminum FrameFrame: : New Schwinn mountain frame
Wheels: Lightweight Magnesium Alloy WheelsWheels: 32h DiamondbackWheels: Alloy wheelsWheels: 32h Diamondback26in Dbl Wall AlloyWheels: 32h Diamondback
Shifting system: Shimano 21-speed DerailleursShifting system: Shimano EZ-Fire shiftersShifting system: Shimano twist shifters with 21 speedsShifting system Shimano EF51 24 speed:Shifting syst SRAM trigger shiftersem:
Fork: Advanced Aluminum Mechanical Lock Out Mountain Bike Suspension ForkFork: Pro Max Front Disc Brake and Suntour Suspension ForkFork: Suspension is Trail XC front fork with alloy crown 60 mmFork: Suntour long travel with adjustable preloadFork: Suspension is Trail XC front fork with alloy crown 60 mm
Brake: Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes System.Brake: Pro Max Front Disc Brake.Brake: Alloy V brake.Brake: Tektro Novela Disc.Brake: Tektro alloy linear.

Mountain Bike:

Montague Paratrooper Mountain BikeSE Bikes Big Mountain Bicycle26″ wheel Roadmaster Mountain BikeMongoose Impasse BicycleDiamondback Response Mountain Bike
Frame: Aluminum suspension frameFrame: SE 1 Double Butted alloyFrame: Steel mountain frameFrame: Aluminum suspension frameFrame: 6061-T6 Aluminum frame
Wheels: alloy wheelsWheels: Wheel Top, 42/34/24T, 8-speedWheels: Alloy rimsWheels: alloy wheelsWheels: 29″ diameter wheels
Fork: Suspension forkFork: HL 595SAMS 29, 100mm travelFork: Suspension forkFork: Element Suspension forkFork: 100mm suspension fork
Break: rear mechanical disc brakesBreak: Mechanical discBreak:  Linear pull brakeBreak: rear disc brakesBreak: Mechanical Disc Brake

Here I have given a comparative chart of some mountain bikes for your consideration. I have tried to give you some basic characteristics of these bikes such as- frames, brakes, wheel and many more.

Well I hope after reading this you have gained at least some main characteristics of mountain cycles if you are a beginner or learner. Now it’s time to know about these bikes in details so that there will be no confusion that u may face in the time of purchasing. Let’s have a look…

Best Mountain Bikes under 500  Dollars’

« Merax® Finiss 26″ Mountain Bike:

This is one of the awesome bikes. As it looks so attractive, after hearing its feature rider can be more attracted. It has almost everything that you need such as- the lightweight aluminum frame, sealed suspension with adjustment and it’s so perfect for climbing hills or roads and wheels may never betray you!

This bikes pedal threads are different from left side and right side, it means when one ride on a bike, left pedal on his left hand and right pedal on his right hand and its assembly and tuning are required. Though this bicycle arrives 85% assembled so one may need to install the pedals, front wheel, handlebar and air up the tires.

Its speed is 21 and the total weight of this product is 34lbs and it can take weight almost 330 lbs. the frame size of this bike is 19 inches. One can only find two colors of this bike- fashion white and blue. If one want to buy this bike from, it may cost about 349$, though the price is little bit higher but rider may love this bike due to its great advantages!!

Let’s talk about the features of Merax® Mountain Bike:


  • It’s frame is 6061 heat treated aluminum
  • Shifter is shimano EF51 21 speed
  • Wheels are lightweight magnesium alloy wheels
  • Brakes are mechanical disc and brake levers is shimano aluminum
  • Aluminum mechanical lock out mountain bike suspension fork



  • Buyers are highly satisfied with its affordable price of this good quality bike.
  • This bike is stylish enough and the color and the stickers nicely mixed with the bike’s body and have no possibility to peel off.
  • The gear system of this bike is really engaging
  • One can easily carry this bike anywhere they want because of its lightweight.
  • No possibility of wheel problem in the time of raiding.


  • For more effective usage the disc brake needs adjusting.
  • The water bottle holder is made of plastic and it looks very cheap.
  • Buyers may not be able to find their desired colors because its colors are limited

« Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bike:

If anyone is looking for a bike that they can ride on single tracks or some down hills, then this is the perfect bikes for that purpose. It is lightweight because it has an aluminum dual suspension frames for this feature it will absorb bumps and ruts. There are 24 speeds with shimano EZ-fire shifters.

With this speeds you may climb the upright hills and toughest glen so smoothing is a big fact here. The Protocol is a hard ride which gives you confidence to get out there and try something new. This bike has Shimano EF-50 Trigger shifter so that the biker can easily shift among 24 speeds offered to suit different surface and improve their riding experiences.

In the case of safety this bike is a good choice with the pro Max front disc. Rider of this bike can slow down or stop the bike so easily and smoothly as they want. This is the best bike when it is time to stop in just 1 second earlier can save a life. This bike is red in color only and the total item of this bike is 43 pounds, this bike may cost riders about 284$, so it’s not so much expensive than other mountain bike, you may easily get it!!!

Schwinn protocol Mountain Bike
Schwinn-protocol Mountain Bike
Schwinn-protocol-Mountain Bike


  • Its frame is Schwinn Aluminum dual suspension frame
  • 24 speed shimano atlas with trigger shifters
  • Brakes are disc brake with suntour suspension fork
  • Black bladed spokes with alloy high profile rims
  • Wheels are 32h diamondback



  • The shifters are compatible and shimano entry level quality.
  • Dual suspension makes this bike very smooth
  • Its pedals are strong because they are made from metal.
  • Its tires are stylish and it can take high pressure under all situations.
  • Front brakes can work regardless on water and mud.


  • It’s heavy in weight and its components are poor.
  • The brakes on these bikes are horrible and inappropriate.
  • Tires quickly lose air pressure.

« Schwinn Mountain Bike:

It is a nice bike for mountain riding having material steel frame and its break is linear pull. It is mainly available white in color in the market. It is medium in size (18 inches). Its suspension type is front which increases control while the handlebar offers a comfortable riding position and its wheel size is 27.5 inches.

This Schwinn bike gives you a limited lifetime warrantee for as long as you own the bike. Rider can easily enjoy riding in gravel path, trails and wicked sidewalk with 21 speeds!! It has a Schwinn front shock system and a padded seat and tires are ready for strenuous trace.

Its frame is steel and rider may find various color of this bike. It is mainly useful for male and about 12-100 years old ages people can use this bike easily but mostly perfect for adult people. It will cost about 289$ for the rider which is almost same price as Schwinn mountain bike. What are you thinking for? Choose any one from this two product of Schwinn bikes and go for a adventure with your friends!!

Schwinn Mountain Bike
Schwinn Mountain-Bike
Schwinn Mountain–Bike
Schwinn Mountain-Bikes


  • Schwinn suspension fork with new schwinn mountain frame which control the bike riding.
  • Its 21 speeds with shimano twist shifters
  • To confirm stops there is alloy v brakes.
  • Alloy wheels
  • 3 piece alloy crank.



  • It brakes good, and 21 speeds give a wide range of pedaling power
  • It has an attractive design and components are enough dependable
  • It’s lightweight and easy to move
  • Seat is flexible and comfortable
  • Can take enough pressure in time


  • Components are not so strong and become so lose after a time period
  • This bike is not suitable for people whose heights are more than 5.9’’ inches
  • It can’t shift into the highest gear on the pedal gear.

« Gravity Mountain Bike:

It is a great quality bike having 24 speed dual suspension and aluminum material frame. It is mainly a cross country cycle. It has powerful disc brake which ensures that stopping power at the second you want to stop, and the stopping power is very swift and smooth.

It can ensure one’s safety and save the integrity of his bike so that one can ride it for long years. Its assembly is straight forward. Its size is 17 inch and wheels size is 24 inches. It’s one of the attractive features is that it has an advanced aluminum frame with single Pivot technology rear coil over cartridge shock with an adjustable front shock!

It has various sizes so one can find his one’s suitable sized bike easily. This bike is available to white or yellow or grey color. It may cost about 329$.

Gravity Mountain Bike
Gravity Mountain-Bike
Gravity Mountain-Bikes


  • This bike has new aluminum  frame and higher performance tubing
  • Speed is 24 speed with shifters-shimano EF51 24
  • This bikes tire shape is 26/2.1 black 
  • Saddle is comfortable
  • Wheelset is 26in Dbl Wall Alloy



  • This bike is strong and flexible
  • Its shifters are easy to use
  • This bike is easy to move and strong enough
  • Gears work very good and easy to run fast
  • It has mechanical disk brakes which provide great stopping power


  • Shocks are very cheap and made for not more than street riding
  • There is no space for water bottle and kick stand
  • It’s mainly suitable for road riding

« Diamondback Sorrento  Mountain Bike:

This is a decent bike and looks attractive too. Its assembly is not so difficult. Its brakes are so finicky and hard to adjust right.  It mainly eliminates the hassle of tedious at-home bike assembly. This bike can be the best partner for the rider in the time of adventure.

Because it has 27.5 sporting easy- rolling wheels with knobby tires which is equally comfortable. This bike has durable aluminum frame and very powerful brakes which give rider a high confidence to go anywhere they want whatever is that. Diamondback bikes

It has suspension fork which keeps rider on track with a little bumpy and the gear keep rider excursion going as long as he wants. It has a durable construction because this bike has to face a lot of abuse from off road riding. Its color is black and blue combination in color.

It is little bit pricy, but if you really want to buy a great bike you have to pay little much for that, isn’t it? We know benefit is there where cost is more. It will cost riders about $561-1018$.

Diamondback-Sorrento  Mountain Bike
Diamondback Sorrento  Mountain Bike
Diamondback-Sorrento- Mountain Bike
Diamondback-Sorrento-Mountain Bike


  • Its frame is Schwinn mountain frame
  • Wheels are 32h diamond back
  • Shifting system with SRAM trigger shiftersem
  • Suspension is trail XC front fork with alloy crown 60 mm
  • Tektro alloy linear break



  • The frame is very hard with the double wall aluminum wheels.
  • This bike is good for the beginners
  • It has nice, stylish and big wheels
  • It looks awesome
  • It comes with front and rear reflections


  • The brakes are very exceptive and hard to adjust just right
  • Seat is not enough comfortable
  • The derailleur and brakes of this bikes are needed a lot of adjustment.

« Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike:

This bike is one of the best mountain bikes that Montague offers. Its patented folding is developed to allow airborne soldiers to drop out of airplanes and helicopter. It has 24 speeds and front and rear mechanical disc brakes. It is mostly popular for its load bearing capacity and durability.

This bike is still modifying for the company of this bike. One can find it only Camouflage green in color which makes it more attractive for the users.  It has 24 number of gear. It can take almost 291lbs weight. This Paratrooper is very tough, rough and it is ready for any surface, it is specially designed to drop from sky and land which is prepared for action.

This paratrooper bike survive in any dangerous terrain and can easily keep or hidden in one’s trunk in home! The frame of this bike not only makes folding easier but also it makes this one of the strongest bike nowadays. It may cost around 720$-849$ in the market, little bit pricy, yeah?  But I surely suggest you that this may be the best collection of your bikes in this budget.

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike
Montague-Paratrooper Mountain Bike


  • It has 24 speeds with front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • It folds to 36’’/28/12 in under 20 seconds without the use of tools
  • Its FIT is based around frame construction concepts designed for serious full suspension downhill bikes.
  • It’s 24 speeds and front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Can perform flexibly on rough surface



  • It folds easily
  • It is easy to carry and store
  • This bike is very much strong
  • Handlebar is now more comfortable and making the ride more safe and comfortable
  • It can be ridden in the mud, rain, dry powdery surface.


  • The handlebar was low and making risk in the time of riding
  • The weight of the bike is too much focused on the front of the bike
  • Too much weight is needed to put on the suspension.

« SE Mountain Bicycle:

This bike folds very easily and easy to carry out anywhere. It is basically popular for its light weight features. This bike is very much strong so there is less possibility of breaking or damaging easily at any critical situation.

The weight of this cycle is 40lbs and can only be found brown in color. Its wheel size is 29 inches which is makes this cycle more reliable to ride. This bike has less power in survival in the rough surface and harsh condition.

This big mountain bike has been made for riders of all skill levels who want flexible bike, it may be found affordable and well designed for the riders. It can easily move from roads to rough trace easily. The front fork of this cycle has 100mm of travel which is more than sufficient to absorb struggle from the roots, bums, and holes wherever one want to ride.

The brake of this bike is highly reliable so that one can easily stop in a second and can be safe in any dangerous situation. The price of this bike is 551$. But if one combines the product price and the quality of this bike, I think you will be benefited.

SE Mountain Bicycle
SE-Mountain Bicycle


  • Its main frame – SE1 double Butted alloy, semi- integrated.
  • Its fork is HL 595SAMS 29,100mm travel.
  • Its wheel- top 42/34/24t, 8 speed.
  • 24 speed with shimano EF40 EZ fire.
  • Its brake is mechanical disc, 160mm rotors.



  • This bike is the best option for racing game.
  • The aluminum frame, welding, paint quality is very nice.
  • It is light weighted because of its pure aluminum frame.
  • It is comfortable to ride.
  • Comfortable riding for the nice wheels.


  • The saddle a little hard.
  • The chainring is little bent and the forks don’t lock out.
  • Need to be more comfortable specially in the sitting position.

« 26″ wheel Roadmaster Mountain Bike:

The Roadmaster Granite Peak is a wonderful guide that one can go whenever and whatever they want and most importantly it will definitely give one extra fun on the time of riding. It’s mainly steel mountain style frame with front suspension fork and 18 speed twist shifter.

The tires are thick enough just like as mountain bike and it can take from a beach surface to off road adventures. This bike can be found black and green in the market which makes it more stylish. This Roadmaster is mainly a male’s bike and it is perfect for any adult person.

One of the most important characteristics of this bike is that it is light weighted so it can be shift anywhere that the rider wants. This roadmaster mount bike is definitely a good looking, stylish because of its excellent body paint.

The linear brakes of this bike can help rider to get instant stopping capacity which means you have all choice that you want to do. Roadmaster has been granted as a perfect recreational bike in America.

26 inc wheel Roadmaster Mountain Bike
26 inc-wheel Roadmaster Mountain Bike


  • It has steel mountain frame which gives a easy riding
  • It’s 3 piece mountain break crank offers wide gear range
  • It’s SRAM drive twist shifters
  • It’s 26’’ alloy rim wheels
  • Has suspension fork



  • This bikes frame gives a easy riding
  • Its linear pull brakes provide great stopping power
  • For its twist shifters its gears can change smoothly
  • Its alloy rims provide control and durability
  • It’s amazing fork smoothes bumps and increase control


  • There is hardly any screwdrivers that can be suitable for the fixing of the wheel of this bike.
  • It may sometimes loose hinges, and  breaks is not much sturdy.
  • Seats are not so comfortable.

« Mongoose Impasse Bicycle:

This is mainly very smooth bike for the rider and attracts people for its nice features. This is mainly a mountain bike having dual disc break. It is mainly silver in color. Its frame is made of aluminum and 29 inch. Its wheel size is 29 inch which makes this more durable.

The color of this bike is limited. It is only silver in color. The total weight of this bike is 44lbs. this bike is mainly originated in china.  This mountain bike is very useful to entry-level mountain riders who want to spend a little amount for mountain riding in beginning.

The aluminum frame has made this bike lighter, stylish and stronger.  This bike is mainly used for lightly off riding. By some riders’ opinion, the bikers of this bike can slow their bike down even while they are riding fast without facing any tough situation.

This bike is not too much pricy. It may cost only 291$ which is less pricy than other mountain bikes. So those who are waiting for mountain riding buy this bike soon and go for adventure.

Mongoose Impasse Bicycle


  • It’s aluminum suspension frame
  • Has element suspension fork
  • It has SRAM twist shifters with 21 speed shimano rear derailleur
  • Has alloy wheels
  • Has rear disc brakes



  • It’s nice frame makes it more comfortable and performance.
  • It can smoothly bumps and increase controlling power.
  • Its SRAM twist shifters changes gears smoothly.
  • It’s rims, stem and handlebars are made of aluminum.
  • Very smooth in riding and rolling bike.


  • The front fork is steel that might be little understandable for strength.
  • The seatpost,rims, stem and handlebars are aluminum.
  • Its actual pedal hits the wheel.

« Diamondback Response Mountain Bike:

This bike is much more useful for mountain riding. There is no possibility of rock crawling, root crushing because it has really big wheels. Its frame is 6061-TH aluminum overdrive series with a modified version of top down tubes.

It may make riders’ riding more adventurous. Before buying this bike, rider must be thought of their height. Because this bike is only appropriate for those people whose height is 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 11 inches. This will be the perfect bike for those whose main purpose is to ride to work, cross country or sightseeing.

Riders can break their bikes in a very simple and smooth way in any types of paths. Because of 7 speed drivetrain system, biker can easily shift their bikes whenever they want. This bike is only red in color, so bikers have to buy this in that particular color. This bike will cost about 300$.

Diamondback-Response Mountain Bike
Diamondback Response Mountain Bike
Diamondback-Response-Mountain Bike


  • It has redesigned response 6061-T6 Aluminum frame which is 18 inch in size.
  • It has 42.6 pounds in weight.
  • It’s 100 mm suspension fork.
  • Its gear is 7 speed drive train.
  • Its wheels are 29 inches in size.



  • It is easy enough in shifting with 7 speed drive train.
  • It has a great stopping power with hydraulic disc brakes.
  • It’s so easy to ssemble.
  • It is very low in price.
  • This bike is light and durable enough.


  • It has lack of kickstand.
  • It’s not strong enough for rough surface.
  • Seats are hard to seat.

« Need to consideration while bike a mountain bike:

There are many features of mountain bike that must be needed to considerate before purchasing or making a decision of buying a mountain bike. Though mountain bikes have various separate features so all bikes are not suitable for all. Rider’s physical structure, age, height, weight, capability, mentality etc are important factor for purchasing one’s suitable bike. Here I am going to focused 5 features of mountain bike:

  1. Brakes: There are two kinds of brakes available in mountain bike- rim breaks and disc brakes. Disc brakes give a stronger stopping force but these are expensive so rim brakes are common.
  2. Suspension: A substantial suspension system is needed for bumpy trail riding, jumping and more aggressive mountain biking. Riders should consider more or less suspension based on how aggressively they want to ride.
  3. Wheels: Before buying a bike rider must consider the width, material, spokes etc all aspects of the bike’s wheel. Rider’s comfort and choice should also be considered which is mainly based on wheel.
  4. Shifting System: In the time of riding the shifting system of a bike determines how gears are changed. There are various types of shifting system such as-trigger shifters, paddle shifters, thumb shifters etc.
  5. Saddle: Customer’s comfort is very important in bike riding. Rider must examine his suitable seat before buying. 


In conclusion of this article I am suggesting you to think carefully before purchasing a bike. Because all bike may not suitable for you. First you need to know your needs, your choice and your capacity.
Then you may follow the feature of these bikes so that you may have a clear concept that which bike is suitable for you and you are going to buy this.
I hope after reading this you will not be so much worried for your desired bike. So what are you waiting for? Let’s have a adventure and Happy Riding! giant bikes

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