Upgrade your wheelset with BOMBPROOF Redneck 26″ Wheel Mountain Bike Disc & vbrake Brake Wheels

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BOMBPROOF Redneck 26"Mountain Bike Wheels

BOMBPROOF Redneck 26″Mountain Bike Wheels

The performance and speed not only depends on your energy capacity, but also depends on the wheels of your bike. The wheel size and its geometrical design allows you to achieve your desired speed and also the comfort of your ride. The durability of the rim of the wheel is also a key point of riding. There are different wheel sizes. There are different materials by which the wheel of the mountain bikes is made. Here we are reviewing BOMBPROOF Redneck 26″Mountain Bike Wheels set which is a great choice in this price point.BOMBPROOF Redneck 26"Mountain Bike Wheels

The BOMBPROOF Redneck 26″ has a double wall alloy 6061 rim. As it is built with alloy the weight of the wheel is considerably light weight. It’s tough enough to survive on different road conditions.BOMBPROOF Redneck 26"Mountain Bike Wheels

When you are trailing or moving off roads it will give a solid performance. It has 36 spokes. It comes with a quando quick release hubs and supported by both inline v-brakes or the disk brakes. So you have the full customization facility which type of brake you want to use.

The 42mm deep alloy rim also works great. The inbuilt PRESTA 6.2mm valve holes allows you to use it with a long valve. You can use an 8/9/10 speed cassette. The quando hub has a 6 bolt IS disc rotor Mountings.

Already we have discussed about the specification. Now if we say about the advantage first we will consider the build material. The alloy 6061 has taken the place of the steel. As it is light weight and durable so it is not adding more weights to your bike.

The alloy spokes are good as those are not affected by the weather condition. It has quick release hub which helps you to release the wheel from the frame to fix up the tire punctures. So it is definitely a great advantage. Now another key facility, it has the disk rotor mount.

BOMBPROOF Redneck 26"Mountain Bike Wheels

If your bike doesn’t have the v-brake you can use it with your disk brake compatible frame and fork or if your bike doesn’t have the disk brake facility, then you can use the v-brake so you can use this wheel set with your existing bike.

If you are thinking of changing your bikes wheel set, we strongly recommend this as the cost effective option and for a great performance. You don’t have to spend much if you are still satisfied with the alloy build. Don’t worry the BOMBPROOF Redneck 26″won’t going to dissatisfy you. So buy, install and enjoy.

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