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Cycle is The Main Vehicle of Denis

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Cycle is The Main Vehicle of Denis

Cycle is The Main Vehicle of Denis

Cycle is the main vehicle for travelling in Copenhagen, the capital of one of the most developed countries in the world . You must be surprised to know this. But it’s true. Many of we Bangladeshi believe that Chinese are the top to use cycle. But it is not reality.

A report of Copenhagen union community and Denmark university showed that among the general public 41% use cycle,22% use private car,19% use rail,7% use bus and only 4% use metro. Copenhagen is recognized as a city of cycle throughout the world.

Denis people go to their works by driving cycle on cycle super highway.

It is worth mentioning that every family of Denmark has at least one cycle. Children of this country travel by cycling and go to child care also. The tradition of cycling has begun after born in Denmark. Actually they are very conscious of their health and environment. Every citizen of Denmark is inspired to cycling since childhood to protect environment and being active.

When a foreigner visits Denmark he/she gets surprised to see the culture of cycling. A lots of cycle are visible everywhere all around the city lying in the cycle stand. Seeing this scene travellers get puzzled.

The city of cycle, Copenhagen has already got nomination as a model country for cycling. There is no country which has special lane for cycling including Bangladesh. And it is a big obstacle for cycling in the big city. On the other hand Denmark government is building cycle super highway to increase the space for cycling.

Many states of USA have taken a project following Denmark model. Recently some projects have become successful.  This model is being tried to implement in Paris, the capital of France. Paris is known as a densely populated city and traffic jam is a common case in this city. The project of Denmark is being followed in France to reduce vehicle at pick hour, to save economy and make a friendly environment. The government of France has declared to give economic support and inspired citizen to use cycle.

France government has taken a six months project in hand. Under this project, 34$ dollar will be paid per hour for driving cycle. Almost 10 thousands citizens of France have signed the agreement to go to works by riding cycle everyday.

It is mentionable that France has taken this project after being inspired by the bike 2 work skim of European countries like Netherland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Britain . Public transports get Government aid in Paris. If “bike 2 work skim” sees the light of success then the next step of this project will be taken broadly. It is guessed that if “bike 2 work skim” becomes successful then the number of workers who go to their working place by cycling will reach 50% from 2.4%.

Cycling is notably increasing in Barcelona, London, Stockholm under the project of city bike loan skim. This has started primarily in Paris as a pilot project.

It is a matter of great regret that when the citizens of developed countries are being inspired to drive cycle, at the same time almost all citizens of our country think that only poor people buy cycle. They find it awkward to use cycle regarding their profession.

Most of our footpaths are being blocked by hawkers and many other things in our city. There are a lot of crowd in road. At this situation how safe the cycling can be it is a matter of concern.

The government of our country can inspire citizen for cycling to reduce the traffic of Dhaka city. I believe by this activity traffic problem will come under control and will make a contribution to protect environment from pollution and ensure better health.

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