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A Basic Pre-Ride Bicycle Safety Inspection checklist for Cyclist.

We are a nation of cyclists, there is no secret about it. Whether you’re trousers tucked into socks commuter, a muddy mountain biker, or a weekend lycra lightning bolt, we love life on two wheels.

It’s not always easy to know where to start when it comes to a new hobby, so we have compiled a basic Bicycle safety inspection checklist for new cyclists.

Checking your Bicycle before you ride is essential from a safety point of view and it should also stop your bike falling apart mid-ride.

How To Check Your Mountain Bike Before You Ride – GMBN’s Pre-Ride Bike Check

Video Credit: Global Mountain Bike Network

Pre-ride bicycle checks should be an important part of your pre-ride routine.

A quick check of your bicycle and it’s components before you go out the door will allow you to safety check your components.

Keep on top of ongoing maintenance and also allow you to fix anything that needs fixing before you get out on the trail.

Because everyone hates mid-ride mechanicals, right?

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Pre-Ride Bicycle Safety Inspection Checklist:

Tires: Front and Rear
Inflate tires until firm. Patch punctured tubes if flat.

Beaks: Front and Rear
Align brake pads with wheel rims. Test brakes for stopping power.

Pedals: Left and Right
Spin pedals and crank arms to ensure effortless rotation and security.

Set angle and height of the saddle. Check that saddle is secure.

Wheels: Front and Rear
Spin to check for straightness. No wobbles, hops or rubbing.

Lighting: Front and Rear
Check that lights shine brightly. Maximize visibility with reflectors.

Bars and Stem:
Set angle and height of handlebars. Check that handlebar are secure.

Clean and Lubricate. Adjust tension to be snug, but not binding.

Derailleurs: Front and Rear
Set limit screws, barrel adjusters to precisely shift chain across gears.

Axles: Front and Rear
Tighten quick-release by hand, or locknuts with 15mm wrench.

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Pre-Ride Bicycle Safety Inspection Checklist Infographics


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