What To Do To Prevent Stealing of Bicycle

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What To Do To Prevent Stealing of Bicycle

What To Do To Prevent Stealing of Bicycle

Nowadays stealing cycle has become a common problem. Cycle stealing related posts are being seen repeatedly. It is useless to give advice to unsuited person so I want to share some recommendation on how to Prevent Stealing of Bicycle:

1Cycle thief: At the case of buying cycle of others even mine it happens that after finishing all tasks like payment paying, serial number has been given in my copy just before get out of the office. That means there was no serial number in the bill office of that store. As a result if anyone loose receipt then it is not possible to give duplicate bill for office in spite of mentioning date, day and time. So I have a request to store to write down the serial number in your office bill copy so that the duplicate bill can be provided to the customer after giving proper testimony.

2Those, who are buying old cycle: It is tough to ignore a good cycle if it is available at cheap price. But thief won’t drive the cycle that he stole because of fear. Our cycle community is very strong, If one person raises voice then 1000 will gather to solve this problem. It is not safe to take this risk for thief. So never buy any cycle without the original receipt. And National ID copy? We have many false documents so why trust in photo copy?? I have seen a page where National ID format is available. They are expert in photoshop.

3Update your cycle details with group database including serial. If anyone lucky enough which cycle has been stolen, I have no words to give you condole. You may get back with help from the community

4Owners of cycle: Congratulation for buying, driving and enjoying cycle. But make sure that you have got the best cycle lock. Do not grasp the cheap things. It is more painful to lose cycle than buying a good lock.

These are not all to Prevent Stealing of Bicycle. You need  to be more cautious and careful of your property. Clever learns from observation and stupid learns from lesson.

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