Top Ten Mountain Bike Skills – Number 7 Is Brilliant.

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We can all get more out of our mountain Biking by learning a few more Mountain Bike Skills and techniques.  In the video below from the Global Mountain Biking Network (GBMN), you will find the top 10 Mountain Bike Skills that you can use to move your biking skills to the next level.

While the video advertises 10 skills it really covers 10 different aspects of mountain biking with a number of tips or skills in each area.  The aspects covered are:

  • Body Position
  • Covering brakes
  • Seat up vs Seat Down
  • Pumping, Manualing, Bunny Hopping
  • Trials
  • Looking ahead
  • Bike Set-up
  • Cornering
  • Training
  • Picking Lines

All in all, there must be a least 30 skills covered.

For anyone new to mountain biking the set-up for cornering is so counter-intuitive (at least to a road biker) that we think this is the key skill covered in this video.

Working on your Mountain Bike Skills and gradually becoming better and better is part of the fun of mountain biking. There isn’t a rider in the world who doesn’t have skills that they could work on.

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